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Feeding the Fish - Steve Rigler

During a holiday to Kos in May 2018, amongst the pampering and self-care I felt I so desperately needed, one of the highlights of staying there was the open ocean looking out towards Bodrum, the coast of Turkey.  The sea was at times crystal clear with a gentle breeze and glorious sunshine.  As I paddled out in the open waters, I soon noticed fish swimming about.  In fact, the same fish appeared to be there every day, swimming all around me.

Something I was curious about was why they were swimming in and out of my feet.  I found this fascinating as they appeared to follow me, never touching me or trying to bite, but swimming in and out around where I walked.  As I pondered this, I used my sandal to kick up the stones within the water and they all dived towards it. Soon realised it was not me they were interested in, but the food I was feeding them by disturbing the stones.

As I reflected on this, lying on the beach, drying off and hearing my own thoughts, I pictured a metaphor of feeding off other’s emotions.  It seemed to me that at times, we follow others and feed off their emotions, often letting others drag us down with them, a bit like the fish feeding off whatever I drudged up.  I learnt a while back to let go as much as possible of others negativity in my life, and to follow more of those who have positive intension's.

If you look carefully at the picture below, you can spot some of these friendly creatures swimming around me and boosting my positivity.  I love the use of metaphors and analogies.  For me, they increased my well-being, and lifted my mood with some everlasting memories. What do you choose to feed off from others, negativity, anxiety, judgemental thoughts, or positive ones?  We all have a choice of how we feel, and we all have a choice of how we let others influence the way we feel.  If you could describe how you feel in the form of a fish, what fish would you be and why :)